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Humanitarian Use of Drones

Submitted by Alister Macintyre
Several thousand UAVs return to USA from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there's talk about how they can be constructively re-purposed.  This outfit wants to use them for medical purposes.
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US RIO+2.0 Conference at Stanford

If you have an interest in joining the US RIO+2.0 conference on sustainability remotely, go to:

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Happy Thanksgiving! Creating a Better World

My family came over to America from England on the Mayflower to help create a better world and live a better life of their making.  After their first hard year in Plymouth, Massachusetts, they broke bread with Wampanoag Indians that helped them survive during the hardships of their first year in America to celebrate life, faith, and their new beginnings as strangers in a strange land.  That meal is now commemorated every year as "Thanksgiving" in America.  
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