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Global Warming is Epic, Long-Term Study Says



Scientists look at an ice core from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide coring site.  Credit: Thomas Bauska, OSU

CNN - by Ben Brumfield - March 8, 2013

Global warming has propelled Earth's climate from one of its coldest decades since the last ice age to one of its hottest -- in just one century.

A heat spike like this has never happened before, at least not in the last 11,300 years, said climatologist Shaun Marcott, who worked on a new study on global temperatures going back that far.

"If any period in time had a sustained temperature change similar to what we have today, we would have certainly seen that in our record," he said.


Study Abstract - A Reconstruction of Regional and Global Temperature for the Past 11,300 Years

National Science Foundation - Earth Is Warmer Today Than During 70 to 80 Percent of the Past 11,300 Years

NY Times - Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years

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Comments - by Ada Carr - April 17, 2017

A freezer malfunction caused tens of thousands of years of history to melt away, posing a threat to the future of research into the Earth’s climatic history.

The incident occurred at the University of Alberta and left a portion of the world’s largest collection of ice cores from the Canadian Arctic in puddles, the Guardian reported . . .

 . . . Roughly 13 percent of the archive was zapped by the heat, but none of the cores were completely destroyed, according to The Guardian . . . 

 . . . Luckily, almost 90 percent of the collection was totally unaffected because the university moved most of the cores to a different freezer with better lighting for a TV crew to film, the Guardian also said.

The entire collection, including the damaged samples, have been relocated to a different freezer and additional safety precautions are in place, according to Live Science.

CLICK HERE - READ COMPLETE ARTICLE - 22,000 Years of History Melted After Freezer Malfunction Heats Ancient Ice Cores


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