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Is Our Government Looking the Other Way on Contaminated Ground Water and Aquifers?

How Much Drinking Water Has California Lost to Oil Industry Waste? No One Knows

"California survived its historic drought, in large part by using groundwater. It was a lifeline in the Central Valley, where it was the only source of water for many farmers.

California regulators are charged with protecting that groundwater, but for years they failed to do so. Through a series of mistakes and miscommunication, they allowed oil companies to put wastewater into drinking water aquifers that were supposed to be safeguarded.

Now, a KQED investigation reveals that regulators still know little about the actual impact on the state’s groundwater reserves."


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How much do the citizens of New York, especially on the East End of Long Island, know about how sewage may be entering our ground water and aquifers?  We do know that where the predominant means of managing human waste are outdated, inefficient, and broken septic tanks, environmental conditions and drinking water quality degrades.

Is it possible that human waste is contaminating the ground water and aquifers on the East End of Long Island?  Given the poor environmental conditions of East End ponds, the answer in many cases is yes!  But how extensive is the problem of contaminated water on the East End and what is the solution to resolve this problem before it seriously affects health and resilience?

Like the problems of the oil and gas industries in California, the citizens and their government officials may not know.  If this is the case, what can be done quickly to make a measurable difference. 

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