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Community Health Resilience

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The mission of the Community Health Resilience Collaboratory is to advance community health resilience.


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A New Community Change Effort to Improve Health and Well-being in the Largest Geographic County in the United States: San Bernardino County California

Wednesday July 10th, Applied Survey Research met with 500 community stakeholders in San Bernardino County to present the results of their Community Vital Signs Data Report in the beginning step of a community engagement process to improve the well-being of the county. Applied Survey Research has been collecting data on the quality of life in San Bernardino County over the last six months and now those results are making their way into widespread community conversations about how to improve life in the county.

Can Apps Help Reform the Healthcare System?

submitted by Eric Myers - by MollyJust - October 12, 2012

It is widely accepted that Internet-enabled health applications have the potential to provide better information to consumers but can they play a role in changing the health system at large? Recent reporting by the Health Care Blog and Health Data Management provide some insights here.

Many people believe in the power of apps to transform healthcare.


Enhancing Public Health Emergency Preparedness for Special Needs Populations - A Toolkit for State and Local Planning and Response

                                                - - by Jeanne S. Ringel, Anita Chandra, Malcolm Williams, Karen A. Ricci, Alexandria Felton, David M. Adamson, Margaret M. Weden, Meilinda Huang

Building Community Resilience to Disasters - A Way Forward to Enhance National Health Security

Community resilience, or the sustained ability of a community to withstand and recover from adversity has become a key policy issue at federal, state, and local levels, including in the National Health Security Strategy. Because resources are limited in the wake of an emergency, it is increasingly recognized that resilience is critical to a community's ability to reduce long recovery periods after an emergency. This report provides a roadmap for federal, state, and local leaders who are developing plans to enhance community resilience for health security threats and describes options for building community resilience in key areas. Based on findings from a literature review and a series of community and regional focus groups, the authors provide a definition of community resilience in the context of national health security and a set of eight levers and five core components for building resilience. They then describe suggested activities that communities are pursuing and may want to strengthen for community resilience, and they identify challenges to implementation.

Health Care Reform Stands: How It Impacts Your Coverage


The Supreme Court upheld health care reform Thursday, which includes a mandate that consumers have to buy coverage by 2014 or pay a penalty.  PHOTO: THINKSTOCK

by Parija Kavilanz - CNNMoney - June 28, 2012

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The Supreme Court's ruling Thursday to uphold health care reform has widespread implications for both insured and uninsured consumers.

Beginning in 2014, uninsured individuals must buy coverage -- either on their own, through an employer's plan or through a health insurance exchange -- or else pay a tax penalty. Meanwhile, insured consumers will continue to enjoy key mandates of the law, such as free preventive care and coverage of adult dependents up to age 26, but at the expense of higher out-of -pocket costs.

Several key mandates of health reform have already gone into effect since the law passed in 2010. Here's a rundown of those provisions and new mandates rolling out over the next two years that will impact almost all of these consumers.


Former Cowboy Flying Free Health Care to Those in Need

CNN Heroes - by Allie Torgan - April 6, 2012


Stan Brock made a name for himself lassoing animals on 'Wild Kingdom'

Today, he runs a nonprofit that provides free health care to people all over the world

He started a nonprofit, Remote Area Medical. Since then, the all-volunteer group has held more than 660 medical clinics worldwide, providing free health care to half a million people.

  • Proceedings for the 2011 Community Health Resiliency Workshop are Now Available



    Thank you for attending the 2011 Community Health Resiliency Workshop; your participation helped make this event a success!

    Material from the workshop is now available for download in the attachment below, and at:


    The Community Health Resilience Workshop Coordination Team

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    How the Legal Assault on Obama’s Health Law Went Mainstream


    People walk in front of the Supreme Court as others form a line, Saturday, March 24, 2012. | AP Photo

    by Josh Gerstein - - March 25, 2012

    When President Barack Obama signed the health care bill two years ago, the legal challenges to the law were widely belittled as long shots — at best.

    But as the cases head to the Supreme Court this week, what looked to many like far-out legal arguments to undo “Obamacare” don’t seem so zany anymore.


    Firefly Technology Sheds New Light

    The light-producing enzyme in the firefly is the key to rapid pathogen detection // Source:

    submitted by Luis Kun

    Homeland Security News Wire - March 22, 2012

    A new device, employing the same chemical which lights up fireflies, can easily detect food contamination; the researchers who developed the system hope it will soon be used to test for other diseases, including HIV-AIDS.

    Food contamination can now be detected easily by a new device based on the chemical which lights up fireflies.

    The Bioluminescent Assay in Real-Time (BART), jointly invented by Professor Jim Murray of the Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences and Dr. Laurence Tisi of Lumora, allows users to test rapidly and simply for food poisoning bacteria. Professor Murray and his partners at technology company Lumora Ltd. hope to develop the system to test for other diseases, including HIV-AIDS.

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    Antimicrobial Resistance in the European Union and the World

    Dr Margaret Chan
    Director-General of the World Health Organization

    The EU’s contributions to the solutions of the global antimicrobial resistance problem Keynote address at the conference on Combating antimicrobial resistance: time for action
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    14 March 2012

    Your Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary, excellencies, distinguished delegates, experts, representatives of regulatory authorities, agencies for disease control, and civil society, ladies and gentlemen,

    You are meeting to explore what EU Member States can do to solve what you rightly recognize as a serious, growing, and global threat to health.

    Drug-resistant pathogens are notorious globe-trotters. They travel well in infected air passengers and through global trade in food. In addition, the growth of medical tourism has accelerated the international spread of hospital-acquired infections that are frequently resistant to multiple drugs.

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