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Humanitarian Use of Drones

Submitted by Alister Macintyre
Several thousand UAVs return to USA from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there's talk about how they can be constructively re-purposed.  This outfit wants to use them for medical purposes.
Another outfit is considering a drone big enough to transport injured persons to where they can get medical treatment.  I imagine that in a war zone, the combatants might be shooting at these things.
Here's articles on  Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAV) 
The Dominican Republic is financing a pilot project for the company.
The Matternet quadcopters are based on open-source technology from DIY Drones
The illustration shows the drone is helicopter for landing anywhere more easily than the plane format of US military, which needs a landing strip.
The inital prototype, a quadcopter design, can carry about 2.2 pounds; a later version would carry a little more than 4 pounds, the company says. The copters are based on an open-source control system from DIY Drones, CNET says.
The concept will be field-tested in three stages. The first will carry a two-kilogram payload. Phase two will add automated recharging stations and test a load of 200 kilograms. Phase three will attempt to transport 1,000 kilograms. The prototype’s current range is 10 kilometers.
The company says a complete kit should sell for around $2,500. 

There will be regulations for using this stuff in anyone air space.
Oh, I originally found out about this thanks to a discussion on Google Plus.

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