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Focusing the Meaning(s) of Resilience: Resilience as a Descriptive Concept and a Boundary Object
Fridolin Simon Brand 1 and Kurt Jax 2
Institute for Landscape Ecology, Technische University at Munchen, Germany, 2Department of Conservation Biology, UFZ-Environmental Research Centre Leipzig-Ha

This article reviews the variety of definitions proposed for the word "resilience" within sustainability science arguing that a clearly specified, descriptive concept of resilience is critical in providing a counterbalance to the use of resilience as a something with a vague and changing meaning. The authors support a clear descriptive concept as essential for the basis for operationalization and application of resilience within ecological science.

Building Community Disaster Resilience Through Private–Public Collaboration
Published 2011

Free, and online (or downloadable) 126 page book assesses the current state of private-public sector collaboration dedicated to strengthening community resilience, identifies gaps in knowledge and practice, and recommends research that could be targeted for investment. Specifically, the book finds that local-level private-public collaboration is essential to the development of community resilience. Sustainable and effective resilience-focused private-public collaboration is dependent on several basic principles that increase communication among all sectors of the community, incorporate flexibility into collaborative networks, and encourage regular reassessment of collaborative missions, goals, and practices.



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