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Occupy Wall Street

The mission of this working group is to focus on discussions about Occupy Wall Street.


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Storm Effort Causes a Rift in a Shifting Occupy Movement


Goldi Guerra, a member of Occupy Sandy, spoke during a storm-recovery meeting with community members in April at a church on Staten Island.  Yana Paskova for The New York Times - by Sarah Maslin Nir - April 30, 2013

Not long ago, the Occupy Wall Street movement seemed poised to largely fade from the national conversation with few concrete accomplishments beyond introducing its hallmark phrase, “We are the 99 percent.”

Then Hurricane Sandy struck. In its aftermath, Occupy Wall Street protesters rushed to apply their rabble-rousing hustle to cleaning out houses, clearing debris and raising more than $1.5 million for relief efforts.


Protests in Occupy Oakland are Deepening and Broadening, But Perhaps in the Wrong Direction

One of the concerns from within the Occupy Movement, as well as from outside observers is that police violence is redirecting the energy of the protests into clashes between protesters and the police toward an escalating Victim - Villain - Hero cycle in which violence action is percevied as essential action between increasingly large crowds of citizens and law enforcement.  Increasing reports of police violence and charges are police brutality in many cities seem to be fueling larger and larger crowds inflamed by the injustice of the use of violence by the police against non-violent protesters and reporters acting within their legal rights. 

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Police Action Causes Critical Injury to Occupy Oakland Protester

Occupy Oakland, Scott Olsen

Police battled protesters following an Occupy Oakland march to demonstrate against the closing of two occupations in the city in the early hours of Tuesday morning. More than 100 people have been arrested in Oakland since police cleared a camp in Frank Ogawa plaza.

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Gallup Poll: 37% Support Occupy Wall Street Movement

A recent poll is showing that very large numbers of Americans support the Occupy Wall Street movement and that this support may be growing.  This story also shows the general difference between OWS protesters and Tea Party protesters.  OWS protesters are tending to blame the private sector.  The Tea Party protesters are tending to look at government as being at the heart of the problem.  As the OWS movement grows many Tea Party protesters are realizing that they too are part of the 99% embraced by the Occupy Everywhere movement.

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Police Attack Demonstrators in Occupy Melbourne

The word from the streets of Melbourne is that the police have been very aggressive.  The violence against demonstrators is leading to investigations and legal actions against the city.  The violence by the police, instead of suppressing the crowds, has amplified the numbers of people joining the protests.

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Here Are Occupy Wall Street's Plans For A National Convention That Could Change The Face Of America


(Photo - Daniel Goodman / Business Insider)

Business Insider / Linette Lopez / October 14, 2011

It's in the works. A massive Occupy Wall Street gathering with delegates from all over the country. And if these plans are carried out, Occupy Wall Street will be a major force to be reckoned with on Election Day 2012.

The date? July 4, 2012.

Put aside questions of whether or not the movement will survive that long. Imagine that they do, because they have no doubt.

If only our economy had that kind of confidence.

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RN Volunteer Opportunities for First Aid Support in Cities Across America - RN Response Network - October 13, 2011

As a past volunteer for the Registered Nurse Response Network (RNRN), we wish to thank you again for your desire to help people and communities in need.

Now we are asking for your help again, to join our first aid efforts in cities across the U.S. where Americans are rallying for real solutions to our national economic emergency.

You were there when we dispatched volunteers to assist with the recovery effort following a tsunami in South Asia, a hurricane on the Gulf Coast, Southern California wildfires, the earthquake in Haiti, and with contributions following this spring’s disaster in Japan.

RN volunteers have made a difference on each occasion, even when we have faced huge hurdles, including substantial governmental impediments, for example, to placing volunteers on the ground in Haiti. Yet on each occasion, RNRN did act, and sent as many volunteers as possible in these heroic humanitarian efforts.

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